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Re: Der Einsatz deutscher Sturzkampfgruppen gegen Polen,Frankreich und England 1939 und 1940

Originally Posted by edwest2 View Post
".......The average person is not interested. As credible, new information is published, I suggest a more diplomatic term regarding previous works. Perhaps "adds to our knowledge" or "establishes this or that date" based on primary source documents. Ed
Actually, Ed, no one is interested in the Luftwaffe; just certain parts of it. The estimated market for "Luftwaffe in World War II" media is said to be very roughly 50,000, but their interest is limited to the aircraft, the pilots, markings, the aces and who shot down who. Taken as a whole, that was a very small part of the Luftwaffe. And for an old, old timer like me, who started out with RAF Flying Review in 1955, it's the same thing over and over again. So, today, I find myself engrossed in the original documents of Gen.Kdo. I. Flakkorps that have become available on the TsAMO website. It's all fresh material and truly fascinating, but I can count the number of others who are or might be interested in this material on one hand.

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