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Re: Der Einsatz deutscher Sturzkampfgruppen gegen Polen,Frankreich und England 1939 und 1940

Actually, Ed, no one is interested in the Luftwaffe; just certain parts of it.
To expand on that, Larry, no one is interested in anything, just certain parts of it.

In the case of any large organisation a great deal of what goes on is done simply to "keep the show on the road" — right down to ordering ink, pencils, typewriter ribbons and stocks of forms. Much of this is—as anyone (me for example) who has ever worked in an office can testify—crushingly tedious, albeit necessary.

You've said before—and you're dead right—that the Flak, signals, ground organisation and so on deserve much more attention than they get but how about the stores clerks, accountants, office cleaners, the RLM sanitation guy, the electrician and the plumber? We all draw the line somewhere!
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