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Re: LuGa Special JG 5 and JG 2 vol.5 released

Originally Posted by Erik Mombeeck View Post
But to be honnest, I also have to mention Peter Neuwerth s review on his site:

For those who never heard of this site, you should know that this is mainly built up from scans directly taken from books - I would say: from the 4 volumes of the JG 5 chronicle - even the maps. Apparently not content to ruin the work of others by plundering them, he now attacks the authors personnally. A strange and hurting behaviour, isnt it?

This Peter Neuwerth certainly sets the style by proclaiming to be the official site for JG 5 and JG 7.
Must say I am very interested in what credentials he has for such a statement. I doubt anyone can legally claim to represent anything official from the National Socialist Government period....

Anyway, may I ask when the German issue (Band 6 isn't it?) of JG 2 be published?

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