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Oblt. Paul Gommer KG40 .

At present I am researching the career of Oblt.Paul Gommer 1./KG40 , he was killed on February 5 , 1941 along with five other members of his crew when their FW200 F8+AH Wrk nr.0042 crashed in Ireland . One crew member survived Ofw Max Hohaus but was badly burnt .
In the book "The Storm Passed By" by Trevor Allen he stated on 29.12.40 that Paul Gommer's FW200 attacked a ship called "Trevarrack" in Lough Foyle and hit it with two bombs causing the ship to be abandoned . Can anybody please confirm if this is true .
I would also be very gratefull if anybody knew anything else about Paul Gommer , I have contact with Paul Gommer's daughter but she was only a year old when her father was lost , she too would like to know more about her father's time in the Luftwaffe.
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