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Re: Aircraft Profiles

Originally Posted by Andy Long
Evening all!


I'm looking for anyone who could give me a quote for producing about 12 aircraft profiles (a la the Osprey Series) for my forthcoming book.

They'll be Spitfires, Hurricanes, Mosquitos, Beaufighters and the odd Defiant thrown in for good measure.

So, if anyone is interested and can produce quality profiles as per the Osprey series, please get in touch.



Hi Andy

I've got most of them done already. Price would very cheap.

some examples attached. Have got profiles of most Merlin Spitfires (ETO I, II, Ib, Vb, LF Vb, VI, VII, IX, HF IX, LF, IX / XVI, IX/XVI Bubble Top, plus B,C,E weapon fits for LF, normal andHF wings. Wing plyons for 250lb bombs and Bombs for IX/XVI), All Hurricanes (ETO I, IIb and IIc and MTO I, IIc, IId with 40mm gun, IV with rockets), All Fighter Beaufighters (If, IIf, VIF with and without AI Mk 8 ), All Defiants (NF I, NFII, ASR, TT1, TTIII), and late Fighter Mossies (XXX with bullnose). Early Fighter Mossies line art already done (II, VI, XII, XIII, XIX) , but not shaded (in all cases, just a new front end and engines, rears of all fighter mossies almost all the same). All profiles have props and pilots. Changing markings and cammo very easy. All I would need is good port side photos of the aircraft to do the detail work and weathering (Allan 125 do not worry, your wish for weatheing on aircraft profiles will be complied with). Orignals A4 sized, done as part of an Aircraft of RAF Coltishall Poster project (on sale on E-bay and at RAF Coltishall Approx 500 left).

Contact me at

Richard Vernon

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