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Graf Zeppelin’s Eagles: An Operational History of the Messerschmitt Bf 109 T - now taking pre-orders!

I am pleased to be able to announce the next title in our 'Luftwaffe Library' series is now available for pre-order! Head on over to the website at to find out more.

**Graf Zeppelin’s Eagles: An Operational History of the Messerschmitt Bf 109 T (Luftwaffe Library 003) – Francis L. Marshall**

362pp, 500 photos, maps, scale drawings, 16 full colour profiles including 3-view
Book weight 1.6kg

**Buying options for UK customers**

UK customers can purchase the book directly from my website. 2nd Class Signed For delivery by Royal Mail will cost £5.00 per book. 2nd class signed Royal Mail. Payment is by bank transfer, paypal or UK cheque.

**Buying options for EU customers**

Since the publication of our last book, things have changed. From 1 July 2021, the Brexit transition period ended and the United Kingdom has left the European Union. From this date forward, EVERYTHING sold to a country outside of the UK counts as an export, and as such could be subject to tax.
At the moment I can provide two options for my EU customers: You can either purchase the book directly from my website now, and take the risk of delays and charges at customs when I send it early next year, or you can wait until I have the books in my hands and I can list copies on eBay. The advantages of buying the book on eBay are outlined below. Please note that if you purchase directly from my website, you may be subject to delays and additional import charges when the item reaches your country. This is because there will be no IOSS number, which is not the case if purchased through eBay. I will add the option to purchase on eBay as soon as I take delivery of the books, which should be in mid-January 2022.
EU member states require an IOSS (Import One Stop Shop) number on parcels sent from the UK, although this is optional. From 1 July 2021, eBay UK for example has been providing an IOSS number for customers in EU countries once checkout is completed. If you purchase the book on eBay, I will make sure this number is visible on your parcel to tell the customs officials in your country that you have already paid the relevant taxes at point of purchase. The VAT rate for books and printed papers is 0% in the UK, but it may well be different for your country. The good news is that eBay have an entire team dedicated to working out the tax rates for you – these should be visible on your pre-order summary just before you complete checkout, and will be based on 1) the applicable VAT rate for the type of goods you have bought 2) the value of the goods. If you are purchasing a ‘buy it now’ item then the applicable tax should be visible before you complete checkout.This rule covers items worth less than €150 / £135, regardless of whether there is one item or multiple items in the order. For orders worth more than €150 / £135, please see below. Some countries such as Australia (ABN numbers) and some US States have already implemented the collection of taxes at point of purchase, so if you are in these countries you will in many cases be familiar with the collection of tax when buying on eBay UK. If any additional codes are required for your parcels, then I am confident that eBay will provide me with them. I will then in due course make sure they are visible on any paperwork or address labels, to show you have already paid your tax.
If your order – whether an individual item or multiple items – is worth more than €150 / £135, then eBay will NOT provide me with an IOSS (Import One Stop Shop) number once you have completed checkout. Currently, such orders will be subject to tax/VAT (if required) only when they enter the destination country, at the discretion of the local tax authority and based on the tax rates for the kind of item(s) you have purchased. *Please note* that the parcel may also be subject to a release charge by the customs agency in your country. This is the system as it stands – in the future, there may become available a service whereby you can pay all charges up front, in which case I will advise you and update my website information.
If you still wish to purchase from me now, directly, then please note that the postage rate provided is for one book. If you wish to make multiple purchases then please let me know. Payment is by bank transfer, PayPal or UK cheque.
Please note that I will be sending some copies to EU distributors, once they have confirmed and paid for their pre-orders. I will update my website once I have confirmation of these stockists. If you wish to wait, and purchase from an EU retailer, then please do so.

**Buying options for customers in the USA**

If you have tried to buy anything from the UK recently you will know that the shipping rates have jumped up. This is due to a number of factors, whether it is the postal workers unions, the availability of global shipping containers, Covid or any number of other factors. Until the global situation stabilizes, which may take several years, I would recommend pre-ordering your book from my US distributor, RZM Imports in Stamford, CT:
*please note* RZM are updating their website, and the new version should be online in mid-December 2021. Therefore you may not see ‘Graf Zeppelin’s Eagles’ advertised for sale, but rest assured that RZM are fully aware of it. Please contact them to place your order. I will be shipping the RZM order directly to the USA as soon as the books are printed. Payment is by bank transfer, PayPal or UK cheque.

**Buying options for customers Rest of the World**

As long as you are happy to buy directly from me, then please go ahead and place your order. Postage rates should be available in the postage menu. If you wish to purchase more than one book, then please contact me first. Payment is by bank transfer, PayPal or UK cheque.
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