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Re: Corrections and Additions

Just few remarks regarding Vol.5:

p.244: this photo was taken at Bijeljina airfield in Eastern Bosnia, Yugoslavia

p.252: this photo was taken at Pancevo airfield, Serbia, Yugoslavia

p.254: looking at the landscape and knowing first-hand how it looks this photo could not have been taken at Pancevo (just compare it with p.254), it looks much more like Belgrade-Zemun (Semlin)

p.281 & 282: these photos were not taken at Skoplje or anywhere in Yugoslavia. I've never seen any hangar in Yugoslavia similar to one on p.281, the landscape on p.282 does not resemble that in Skoplje but looks much like the one at Paramythia or Molaoi in Greece

p.312: Bf 109E-7 W.Nr.2039 (Obfhr. Heinz Eckhardt) was rammed by RYAF Fury Mk.II and bot aircraft desintegrated in the air

I also have a question regarding Hptm. Herbert Ihlefeld. Actually, before he was struck by a ground fire above Nis airfield on 6 April 1941, he apparently shot down Yugoslav Potez 25 on landing approach. Several eyewitnesses, including a crewmember from the Potez and the man who hit Ihlefeld's plane, stated that lead Bf 109 in German formation attacked the Potez and shot it down, seconds later this machine was hit by rifle fire and immediately turned in direction of Bulgaria trailing smoke. Didn't he ever claim this kill?

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