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Re: Urban Legend or fact? - Bf 109 with Schräge Musik

It certainly would be possible, and at one time Tarniwitz had plans for installing them in both the 109 and the 190 -- but 108s not 151/20s -- so who knows. An article was written on such a mod in the German IPMS magazine by Bernd Barbas, who has also written a 2-volume set on Aces of the Luftwaffe, as well as books on I./JG 52 and II./JG 52. So, I am inclined to believe him on the mounting of a cut-down MG 151/20 in the area behind the MW50 tank, and poking up through the fairing for the FuG16ZX homing loop and firing upwards at 75 degrees. For sighting, a sighting cross was painted in yellow-green flourescent paint on the inside of the top of the canopy, and the gun was harmonized to ca. 40 mtr. Opinion is strongly divided on whether or not this installation existed. I am sufficiently impressed by the work of Bernd Barbas to believe that if he says it existed, it existed.

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