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Re: Corrections and Additions

Dear Mr. Prien,

I have finished to read the JVS 6,1 and found some discrepancy between the summary table p.32 and the data for particular units.

p.32: Stab/JG 3 3 killed/missing.
p.51: 2 killed/missed. I know from your JG3 book that on 30.06.41 Fw Hans Kolbe killed in Go-145.

p32: 15./JG27 4 killed/missing, losses: 8 plane >60%, 14 plane < 60%. p201-202 5 killed, losses 14 >= 60% 10<60%

I look short in JVF 6,2 and found the similar discrepancy for 15./JG52, ErgSt/JG54, ErgSt/JG77, I(J)/LG2.

I would like also ask, what is with the loss category "b" (I assume "beschädigt") ? Is this category that also was reported to RLM and GQM or it was easy to repair by unit ?

Thank you& Best regards
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