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Re: Further unit histories la "Jagdgeschwader 27" - hope for the future?

Dear Christian,

I'm afraid that I will have to disappoint you as far as further unit histories are concerned, as I do not intend to publish any more unit histories, be it in the long form such as JG's 1, 11, 53 and 77 or in the short illustrated form as with JG's 3 and 27. I think that when - and if ! - we will ever be able to complete the current JFV series I will have done my share and let others carry on from where we have ended. There are so many other interesting things to look after that it would be a shame to start repeating myself instead.

However I trust that since there are many competent historians / writers around that someone will tackle the units you are looking for before too long.


Jochen Prien
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