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additions and corrections to Jagdfliegerverbände 10/II

Here are some additions and corrections:

p.6: It doesn't make sense to mention the W.Nr. 32 000 - 37 000, because 1.) these numbers weren't official RLM-numbers but internal Erla-numbers (regarding an order from August 1943) and 2.) the numbers were 28 000 - 39 000 (renumberd to 410 xxx and not all were used)

p.7: Footnote 11 it's wrong because the 110 xxx batch was an clear G-5 batch without G-6.

p.8: Abb.9 was taken IMHO in Werk I, Leipzig-Heiterblick, hall II, and not in Werk II.

In losslists mentioned some G-5 as G-6. On p. 200 the W.Nr. 410 821 can't be right, it's most probably 410 281, and the same with the W.Nr. 15 094 because this was an G-4trop and not an G-6.

p.268: The mentioned W.Nr. 26 007 can't be right because this was an G-6 and the picture shows clear an G-5. I'd guess it's an 26 09x.

Best wishes
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