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Jagdgruppe Drontheim. Lt. Werner Fricke(KIA) 29.11 1941

According to mr. Mombeeks book about JG 5, the pilot on the Me 109 T-2 that ditched near Egersund is Staffelführer Leutnant Franz Wieshusen.

In Girbigs book, “Eismeerjäger” Erich Kersten is noted as belonging to 13. or 14./Jg 77 and I believe that these units were stationed at the Eismeerfront when he was killed, and in
Mombeeks book he is listed as killed while flying for 13./Jg 77 when his plane Me 109 E-7 Gelbe 17 was shot down by flak and crashed near the airport of Louhi, since then Kerber is missing.

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