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Re: Timing

Hello John,

Do you have any information about 8./Schlachtgeschwader 10 in your book "Bodenplatte"? Reason for my interest is because I'm doing some reseach about Oberfähnrich Erwin GUTZMANN who was shot down on April 10th, 1945 at Mechters in Lower Austria. He got the Knight's Cross and had over 600 flights against enemy. There are several stories about what actual happend to him the day he crashed. One is that he was shot down by russian fighters. Others tell that it was the own german flak. He died at the crashplace.
Maybe you have further details about him/his unit. Somebody from this forum told me there is a picture in your book on page 46 about Hans Stollnberger, the Staffelkapitän of 8./SG 10. I do not want to by that book just because of this picture.


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