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Re: 610 Sqn 26 Aug 40


With regard to K9947 I agree with what you say, but I have some theories of my own. Comparing Aeromilitaria with the older K-files, I notice that K-files only states 610 Sq took K9947 on strength in Aug 1940. The date 30.8.1940 is clearly wrong since on the next line Aeromilitaria clearly states it was damaged as DW-M on 14.8.1940! At this stage I have no idea from where the exact date 30/8 comes from, but I notice that Bowyer in Aircraft of the few also has the same detailed date.
Now, how much was K9947 damaged? I am puzzled by the lack of any given MU after its crash and maybe, just maybe the damage was not very serious and the aircraft repaired and back with 610 Sq later that same month, perhaps 30/8?

There is obviously nothing recorded in any remaining forms anything else than the aircraft entering service with 222 Sq 23.9.1940, no MU, nothing, leading to the conclusion it went straight from 610 Sq to 222 Sq.

Since we lack any aircraft M with 610 Sq between 26.8 to 7.10 there just may be some kind of possibillity here that K9947 went back to 610 Sq and continued as DW-M. They didn't even have to repaint her....

Worth considering?

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