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Re: 610 Sqn 26 Aug 40

Hallo Stig,
Yes, K9947 poses considerable problems. I also have the 222 Squadron ORB (AIR 27/1371) for this period and should have checked it before for completeness. K9947 only appears in the 222 Sqn. Form 541 from 25 September 1940, then again on the 29th and 30th (twice) and on into October 1940.
The gap in its operational service between 610 Sqn. on August 14th (damaged) and 222 Sqn. on September 25th would be consistent with a period of repair. True, this is not proof but it is hard to imagine a Spitfire at this time not flying operationally for more than 5 weeks if it had not been damaged.
Your point about the gap in the use of an aircraft with the 'M' letter is well made. However looking through my notes it has just occurred to me that during August 1940 610 Sqn. need not have had all its regular aircraft letters in use (almost) all of the time. During that month, according to the F.541, 24 different letters were in use - all bar 'C' and 'I'. Indeed 'U', 'W', 'Y' and 'Z' only seemed to come into use in July or August 1940, so there were more letters than aircraft to use them !
As you say many aircraft were repaired at unit level without the need to be sent to a repair centre. There are other instances in the 'AEROMILITARIA' series where Spitfires were damaged but there is no record of them going to a repair centre or Maintenance Unit.
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