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Re: Me 323 'Gigant' rudder markings

These were tactical codes developed by the Luftwaffe during the Russian campaign thru until 1943 when they were gradually phased out. According to "Luftwaffe Codes Markings and Units 1939-45" by Barry Rosch, the system developed some variations, but generally they identified the parent formation, the Staffel the aircraft was assigned to, and the individual aircraft. For example:

Ju52 coded 4V+KP with H2K on the rudder:
- the code 4V+KP identified the parent formation as KGrzbV 106
- the H stood for the commanding officer of KGrzb 106, Major Heyer
- the 2 indicated that the aircraft belonged to the 2nd Staffel
- the K was the individual aircraft letter

...there are however gaps with the information and some contradictions to the system make the task of deciphering some of the codes very difficult. To take the first example you quote:

Me323 coded C8+GE with the tail code X2D
- the code C8+GE identified the parent formation as I./KGrzbV 323
- the X stood for an unknown commanding officer
- the 2 indicated that the aircraft belonged to the 2nd Staffel
- the D should indicate the individual aircraft letter... but the code you quote has the aircraft letter as a G

... further detective work required

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