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Re: Me 323 'Gigant' rudder markings

I can list the following Me 323 with I./T.G.5 on 15.07.1943
W.Nr. 1142 Stammkz. RF+XP Unit code C8+AB Tactical code X 1 C
W.Nr. 1219 Stammkz. DT+IS Unit code C8+MB Tactical code Y 1 J
W.Nr. 1229 Stammkz. SG+RC Unit code C8+NB Tactical code Y 1 B
W.Nr. 1262 Stammkz. VM+IS Unit code C8+LB Tactical code X 1 L
W.Nr. 1269 Stammkz. VM+IQ Unit code C8+CB Tactical code X 1 G

W.Nr. 1129 Stammkz. RF+XC Unit code C8+JE Tactical code X 1 S
W.Nr. 1249 Stammkz. SG+RW Unit code C8+OE Tactical code X 1 P
W.Nr. 1252 Stammkz. SG+RZ Unit code C8+SE Tactical code X 1 E
W.Nr. 1257 Stammkz. VM+IE Unit code C8+ME Tactical code X 1 Y
W.Nr. 1264 Stammkz. VM+IK Unit code C8+QE Tactical code X 1 I
W.Nr. 1268 Stammkz. VM+IP Unit code C8+TE Tactical code X 1 F

W.Nr. 1127 Stammkz. RF+XA Unit code C8+BF Tactical code X 1 A
W.Nr. 1136 Stammkz. RF+XJ Unit code C8+NF Tactical code X 1 T
W.Nr. 1222 Stammkz. DT+IV Unit code C8+FF Tactical code X 1 K
W.Nr. 1255 Stammkz. VM+IC Unit code C8+LF Tactical code X 1 Q
W.Nr. 1271 Stammkz. VM+IS Unit code C8+AF Tactical code X 1 B

W.Nr. 1227 Stammkz. SG+RA Unit code C8+AG Tactical code Y 1 M
W.Nr. 1228 Stammkz. SG+RB Unit code C8+AP Tactical code Y 1 H
W.Nr. 1256 Stammkz. VM+ID Unit code C8+CG Tactical code Y 1 A
W.Nr. 1267 Stammkz. VM+IO Unit code C8+DG Tactical code X 1 N
W.Nr. 1270 Stammkz. VM+IR Unit code C8+EG Tactical code X 1 O

This is taken directly from the original report from Transportfliegerführer 1,
Aufstellung der Kennzeichen und Werk-Nummern, Stand vom 15.7.43.
The tactical code X 1 -- was used by I./K.G.z.b.V. 323
The tactical code Y 1 -- was used by II./K.G.z.b.V. 323
Apparently, the I./T.G.5 (previously I./K.G.z.b.V. 323) had aircraft from both Gruppen I. and II./K.G.z.b.V. 323.
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