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Re: Research Bomber command

Hi Dfuller, here is what I have on your crews and national archives numbers.

102 lw274

From air14/3420.

4 Group. In addition 1 of 102sqn were contacted and are down in sea but so far unlocated. Those aircraft and crews are counted as missing.

I will scan the next document and send to you, Air15/595, the text reads

Darky call "flamborough Head & light seen there. a/c reported in sea nw of Flamborough.

2ASR vessels dispatched at 1349 on 22/1 to look for them, nothing found

As for the other aircraft that is more difficult as a good proportion of the losses were in and around Magdeburg. The CWGC war graves website should give details. I've just checked for Arnot and Nickerson and they are both listed with relatives, service numbers and they are buried in row 2 k in Berlin war cemetery. So you can get all the crew from the CWGC site. You could also try the RCAF archives. For commission DFC award dates try the london gazette website, found S/L Jaggers commission date on that site.

Also try They list the squadrons and you may find someone who has posted something about either crew. Found Don Smedley from HX324 that way.

I have a post raid report and planning orders that I will scan and send to you.

Will look at my luftwaffe combat claim books to see if there is a definite claim, unfortunately most of the claims that night give pilot and time but not location, which is the most important piece we need.

Hope this helps and need to start scanning!

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