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Research Bomber command

I have had considerable success in searching National Archives, AHB and loads of other places about the BC raid on Magdeburg on 21/01/1944. I had a relative killed on this raid flying Halifax HX324. The records showed that this a/c was shot down by nightfighter near Hanover. After speaking to the Nav of HX324 and visiting the AHB (helpful as I'm in RAF) I have found that this a/c crashed quite a way from Hanover. It crashed 1/2 km west of Weitsche, near Luchow and Dannenburg. I would like to complete my research by seeing if there is anyone with access to either the town records for Wietsche, Luchow and Dannnburg. I've tried looking for addresses etc but no avail. I'm also after information from Luftwaffe sources, are there any war diaries or books available?

Also if anyone needs a helping hint to research a Bomber raid then drop me a line, I know of most places to look and the classes at the national archives.

Many thanks and hope I can help others

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