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JFV 12/I is out


as of today distribution of JFV Vol. 12/I has started; from a first glance it is obvious, that Rogge Publishing have done a good job (as usual) and I hope that that you will be satisfied with the new volume, the first of three to cover the service of the day fighters in the east in 1943.

Vol. 12/II is well underway, with only small parts of JG 51 and 52 still incomplete; I hope, but from experience do not promise, that we will be able to bring out 12/II by the end of this year. It has not been decided where to make the cut - the text of the rest of JG 51 and 52 alone is almost 450 pages already so that probably 12/II will comprise the rest of JG 51 and JG 52 up to IInd Gruppe, whereas 12/III will be the rest of JG 52, all of JG 54 including parts of JG 26 and the Addendum with corrections and additional photos and information. The latter couldn't be stuffed into Vol. 12/I as again we have reached the critical mark of 500 pages even without this part.

So let's hope that we can keep the thing going on.


Jochen Prien
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