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Re: Luftwaffe Reports of Allied a/c Crashes in German territory


I know it's been several years since you posted this, and perhaps you have all the records scanned in by now, but I just spent two months at NARAII this summer scanning in bomber unit and Luftgaukommando records.

What I found was:

1 - The Luftgaukommando reports have chronological indicies, which I have scanned in from 1940-Feb 1944. After this,even the indices themselves are truly huge files, with hundreds of tissue-thin pages.

2 - The American bombers I am researching, which were shot down over northern France in the same timeframe as above, are to be found randomly in all of the below:

a. The 6-digit numerical files,
b. KU files
c. KE files
d. ME files
e. even occasionally J files

3 - Those Luftgaukommando reports that were missing from the above , could be found, in an even more abbreviated form, in the Red Cross files also found in RG242.


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