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Re: Me's vs Spits over North Africa: Who were those guys?

Andreas I'll be going on a limb here, but I doubt that this performance is an exhibit of average Jagdwaffe pilots of the period. That doesn't mean they have to be Ritterkreuzträger with high scores, but they probably were veteran Experten in their own right, veteran Fw and/or Uffz. if you prefer it that way.

To fight in a textbook manner requires above average skills, the shooting and discipline appearant from the limited info also implies that same above average skill level.

The initial bounce isn't the really intersting part of the story, the disciplined continuation of the fight and the final disengagement are what makes it special IMHO.

Lets not forget that to attack a superior number of fighters requires that you recognise your own (superior) position, have certain trust in your personal skill and thorough knowledge of your aircraft's capabilities (and that of the enemy).

Again this points in the direction of veteran pilots.
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