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Re: Desmond Hinton 1922-52


Keeping in mind that his full name was "Desmond Frederick William Hinton" the following may refer to him:

From Air War for Burma for 10 Dec 1942:

"During the fight four pilots of 135 Squadron claimed three Ki 43 probably shot down between them. These were Sqn Ldr Giddings, Wt Off C.H. Fox (BG961), Flt Sgt W. Hinton and Flt Sgt Arrowsmith."

From a photo caption in Franks RAF Fighter Pilots Over Burma: Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives (Images of War) (Kindle Locations 373-375). Pen and Sword. Kindle Edition.

"Flight Sergeant Bill Hinton, 135 Squadron, at Dohazari. At least he has managed to acquire a tin bath, similar to those often found in the UK, and used in front of a roaring fire. Note the flying boots and, just as in the UK, a bicycle to get around on. Hinton shot down an Oscar on 10 December 1942."

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