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Question Some questions about KG 54 Bombing Rotterdam may 14 1940

Hello to all

I have several questions about KG 54 bombing Rotterdam, The Netherlands on 14th of may 1940. Unfortunately I cannot find some notes I made about this so I have to write these questions from my memory and since it's sunday I cannot go to my local library to try to find things out myself.

If I'm correct the number of KG 54 He111 that took of was between 90 and 100.

A - What was the exact amount of aircraft?
B - Was this the complete Geschwader with all available aircraft, or were this two Gruppen?

The time of bombing is said to be 13.20 and the flight itself took about 1.5 hours.

C - From where did they take of and on what time. Was this Delmenhorst?
D - What route did they fly?

At a certain waypoint the unit split up into two smaller groups, one group attacking from the north and dropping their bombs, the other group coming from the south, with the first three aircraft dropping bombs, but after a flare was seen the other aircraft were ordered to stop dropping bombs.

E - Where did they split up?
F - Who were the commanders of the two "attack waves" and from what staffeln were the waves made of.
G - Did the aircraft that did not drop their bombs have a secundary target, if yes what was that target

I'm aware of the historical debate with one side claiming this bombardment was legitimate because of tactical targets (to release trapped German troops in Rotterdam). The other side claims this was an act of terror dropping bombs on an undefended city.

H - Who are the frontmen in this debate and in what publications is this debate helt (sorry for my poor English in here)

I - Did KG 54 loose any aircraft during this or these raid(s)?

Enough questions for the moment, hope you can help me out

groeten van de Foute Man

PS: Enjoy the holidays!!!
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