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Re: 15/05 - Legion Condor Bf109s on eBay

Hello Roland,

Thank you very much for matching up known J88 pilot names to the Bf-109As with matricules of o6-1 and o6-11. Can you please do the same for those who were assigned to Bf-109As with matricules of o6-2 through o-6-16? Recently, at this website, I learned o6-12 was used by Fw. Peter Boddem and Uffz. Hermann Stange. Others I am aware of are:
o6-1 by Oblt. Hannes Trautloft, Oblt.Herwig Knüppel
o6-3 by Uffz. Erich Kley
o6-4 by Uffz. Guido Honess
o6-6 by Uffz. Herbert Ihlefeld
o6-7 by Fw. Norbert Flegel
o6-9 by Hptm. Gotthard Handrick
o6-10 by Oblt. Gunther Lutzow, Uffz. Ernst Mratzic, Oblt. Joachim Shlichting, ?
o6-11 by Uffz. Adolf Buhl and Lt. Rolf Pingel
o6-12 by Fw. Peter Boddem and Uffz. Herbert Stange
o6-13 by Uffz. Harbach, Uffz. Guido Honess and Fw. Heinz Braunschweiger
o6-15 by Uffz. Otto Polenz
No doubt other pilots also used the planes with matricules listed above.

Ken Glass
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