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Re: Do217 shot down 29 November 1943 Benghazi?

Hi Brian

the only Do.217 losses I can spot in November 1943 in the Eastern Med/Aegean are on 15/11/43 when Kalamaki Airfield was attacked and the following aircraft were lost/damaged:-

Do.217E-4 (1143) 100%
Do.217E-5 (4572) 30%
Do.217E-5 (5411) 25%
Do.217E-5 (5613) 100%
Do.217E-5 (5639) 25%
Do.217E-5 (5658) 50%

All were 5/KG.100

Do.217E-5 (5637) 6N+GM of 6/KG.100 FTR from sortie to North Africaan coast on 04/05 October 1943

Do.217E-5 (5507) 6N+FN of 5/KG.100 FTR from sortie to North African coast on 09 October 1943


Bruce Lander
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