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Re: Ltn. Joachim Weber's claim of 08.08.1944

Hello JIM.

The magnificente work "The 2nd TAF" by Thomas and Shores do inform, on pgs. 251-252 (Vol.2) the following relevant loss for the day:

Around 17:25hs, a 140 Squadron Mossie PR.XVI serial MM274 (previously hit by fighter) crashed landed at RAF Northolt. Crew: F/O H. K. Joseph and F/O F. G. Lewis (but safe).

There was another 140 Squadron loss, around 12:20hs, but the huge work do inform they were hit by Flak over Boulogne. The Nav. was wounded. It seems a bit far away for a Kommando Nowotny or EKdo 262 claim, though; so must certainly (it was checked by those most acredited Historians) a Flak hit (we must remember that several RAF airmen - Bomber Command - told on debriefings they were hit by Flak, etc...but actually they were hit by a night-fighter, as Historians proved later....there is at least also one KGr 100 crew that tought they were hit by Flak, when actually they were hit by the Beaufighter of Cunningham, DSO, DFC, etc....just to remember that what one believes is not almost 100% the truth).

The first 140 Squadron machine CAN be that one hit by Weber....I do have the 544 Squadron ORB, but not perhaps others can add additional information regarding, most probably, a PR Mosquito. We can not forget the 25th B.G. that also operated PR Mosquitos, but with the US Army Air Force and may have suffered losses.

Adriano B.
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