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Re: A bit of a puzzle?

Originally Posted by robert View Post

I have two other photos of these wrecks and I`m almost sure that they were both from 3./KG76. In one of the photo I can seen some Ju 52s parked in the background so it was an airfield. The area is quite hilly so it must be very odd airfield. Basing on other photos I think that also II./KG76 was stationed at this airfield. The problem is that I./KG76 used many forwarded airstrips and airfields. When I will find some time I will list all of these locations.
BTW it seems that F1+LL was rammed by a vehicle on the ground and its loss was rather not linked with loss of F1+KL.

Hey, don't mess about put those other photo's up! Far better than us wondering. Please give the details about the vehicle damage to LL. That was some considerable ramming by a vehicle to break the wing off and collapse the left undercarriage! One thing I find surprising is that these two are in such close position if they were unrelated incidents. Both would be very difficult to move, esp in a forward field. Cheers

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