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Hi Steve

Interesting endevour that you are involved in. I can not really add anything to what you are doing but I am interested in the possible identity of the pilot that flew two of these fighters. I have always read that Wurmheller was shot down at least twice that day, an emergency landing in which he broke his right foot and suffered concussion and then forced to bale out with burns to his face and right arm. Could it be that the fighter that he emergency landed was Fw 190 A-3 (W.Nr. 0130 479) and the fighter that he baled out of was Fw 190 A-2 (W.Nr. 0120 231)? According to Wood's JG 2 loss list, the unknown pilot of the latter baled out and the other fighter's unknown pilot is not listed as having been uninjured whereas with Fw 190 A-3 (W.Nr. 0130 545) the unknown pilot is listed as being unhurt. What do you think? Any comments would be welcomed.


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