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Re: any MiG-1 aces

Originally Posted by knusel View Post
Hello Kirill,

I'm not proficient in Russian language but as far as I understand the website mentions Sedov and the MiG-1 but not his score or his connection to the aircraft, right ?

Michael, I do not speak English)) und Ich weiß nicht, Deutsch)
Yeremin B.N. - "If in this battle we were on MiG-1 or LaGG-3, its result would hardly have been the same. "MiG", when it only takes off, you must cover him yourself, it is sluggish at medium altitudes, impossible to accelerate, only at the height it gives the pilot the opportunity to feel himself normally."

This is all that is said about the MiG. The pilot's opinion, but is not the fact that he flew on this plane.
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