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Re: any MiG-1 aces

Originally Posted by knusel View Post
Hello Kirill,

your English is fine from my German point of view.
And you're right: the quotation doesn't prove they flew the MiG-1 in combat. But it reveals that this plane wasn't liked the the Soviet pilots.
It's odd that such a beautiful plane is so insufficient. What was the problem, technically ? A bad engine ? A bad aerodynamic design ?

Hi Michael,
the view of Yeremin has the effect of postwar official position on the MiG-3, in which a large proportion of PR. In the memoirs of the pilots who flew the MiG-3 is no such definite negative.
I have no clear opinion about the fate of the MiG-3. I consider it was one of the best aircraft in 1941, but he was unlucky on three faktors:
- problem 1 - search "suitable" engine;
- problem 2 - "Deputy Commissar of the aviation industry on the new technology" Yakovlev A. S.;
- problem 3 - the importance of the Il-2 and requirements of the country's leadership for its release.
The other problems (armament, reliability etc.) Mikoyan and Gurevich were able to solve early then their "competitors", but these three problems were not in their power.
The last MiG-3 was armed with 2 cannon ShVAK already in the spring of 1942 (La-5 with close weapons appeared in the army only in August 1942, and mass in 1943);
The MiG carried a bomb load initially and rocket launchers (the rest of The "competitors" were either not designed for this, either as the Yak-7B and Yak-9 was released later);
The MiG had a strong design with metallic center section and partly a metal shell (much stronger than Yak or LaGG/La);
The MiG had a range greater than that of Yak and LaGG;
The MiG was made at a higher level and make it easier to repair. The aircrafts produced in 1941 and flew on combat missions until mid-1944 (air defense). That's long time for not all-metal aircraft.
In fact the Yak-7B (and its receiver of the Yak-9) as a heavy fighter-bomber replaced the MiG-3, although the last MiG-3 with engine Am-38 was superior or not inferior even to these later aircraft in many faktors.

Best regards,
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