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Re: Information concerning the loss of Obergefreiter Hebert Hechl - killed 10.05.1942

While having a look at Fold3 I found the BF's name twice but spelled Hechl and Hecht, born 07.12.1918, 5./KG 51 and same E.M (B 65120/114). It's the same person for sure. I can't find him in the VDK Db altough I tried some different spellings. The other crewmembers are all mentioned as buried at Sewastopol - Gontschornoje, graves 1304 (FF), 1302 (Bo) and 1301 (Bs). The whole crew was intially buried at Feodosia as mentioned on their deathcards.
My question: grave 1303 is missing. Could this be Hechl or Hecht buried there but spelled different on his grave ?

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