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Birth/Death details of non Ritterkreuz 50+ aces

Hello Johannes

I have the following information for several of these aces. Note that Bareuther was awarded the Ritterkreuz on 2 May 1945 according to Obermaier. Any comments or corrections will be greatly appreciated and I hope this helps.

Herbert Bareuther was born on 29 July 1914 at Asch.
Gerhard Beutin was born on 5 October 1919 at Sassnitz.
Heinrich Dittlmann was born on 9 January 1921 at Waldkirchen.
Horst Forbrig was born on 21 July 1921 at Rotewisch.
Helmut Holtz was born on 26 March 1919 at Genthin.
Ernst-Dietrich Grumme was born on 29 July 1922 at Halle.
Karl Munz was born on 29 April 1915 at Gottwollshausen.
Hans Reiff was born on 10 February 1922 at Geroldsgrün.


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