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Searching a fate of Bf110C-7's.


I am trying to find a fate of each Bf110C-7 built. This was a some kind rare aircraft, only 39 were made.

I think some of them were lost during Battle of Britain, and then Balkan Campaign... Does anybody have info about that aircrafts? Losslists could tell us wrong modification but W.Nr. will tell the truth, I think. I saw many times "C-7" was naturally C-2 or D-3... Need just compare W.Nr. with block, mentioned below.

C-7's in Zerstorergeschwader 1:

I and II Gruppe had 1 C-7 each, and both of them are known (see below).

C-7's in Zerstorergeschwader 2:

I./ZG2 had in june 1942 7 Bf110C-7, and 2 were lost due to enemy action in this month.
Then trace of C-7 in this regiment is lost.

II./ZG 2 had 3 C-7 in june 1942, and got 1 more during that month (received from other regiment). 1 of them was lost during month, and trace of others lost (next month Gruppe lost 9 Bf110, and all others were transferred to other regiments).

C-7's in Zerstorergeschwader 26:

Unfortunatly I have no info about Bf110C-7 with I and II Gruppe during 1941-early 1942.

III./ZG26 had in march 1942 7 Bf110C-7, and received 1 more during month (from another unit).

In April, 2 Bf110C-7 was lost w/o enemy action, and 5 were moved to repair. So, 1 left.

That last was lost due to enemy action in june 42.


C-7's, converted from C-5 on GWF in july 1940 (4 aircrafts totally - W.Nr. block - 2245 - 2248):

W.Nr.2245 - was damaged while with Stab/St.G. 1 on 29.3.43. on 30% at Fl.Pl. Brjansk
W.Nr.2246 - fate unkn.
W.Nr.2247 - (S9+KK) of 2./ZG 1 was shot down by Flak on 25.11.42.
W.Nr.2248 - fate unkn.

C-7's, converted from C-4 on Miag in july-august 1940 (35 aircrafts totally, W.Nr. block - 3618 - 3652):

W.Nr.3623 - (TD+KD) of Sonderst. (GS) was lost over Esel isle, due to Flak.
W.Nr.3650 of 6./ZG 1 was hit during enemy attack on Krasnodar airfield on 29.09.42.

Warm regards, Evgeny.
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