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Re: Searching a fate of Bf110C-7's.

Another one:

W. Nr.3648
Shown in Petrick/Mankau book as a C-7

From Luftwaffe loss records:
Bf 110 C-4/B
W. Nr. 3648
2./Erprobungsgruppe 210
Lost in action on 17th November 1940. Shot down into the North Sea.
Crew: Uffz. Johannes Kowatsch (P); Uffz. Hans-Georg Bade (Bf). Both killed.

Note: Although this aircraft is given as a 'C-4/B' in the records, I believe that it was probably a 'C-4' that had undergone repair and had bomb racks fitted, and designated as a 'C-7' by the factory. The paperwork which accompanied the aircraft wherever it went would show it as a 'C-4', and therefore at unit level it would be recorded as a 'C-4' with bomb racks, i.e. a C-4/B. Is that logical?
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