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Re: Ghostbombers updates

Originally Posted by gaupe75 View Post
"On the 25th, Uffz. Heinrich Semmelrogge (pilot), Uffz. Werner Dörries (radio operator), Uffz. Rudolf Lang (Bordwart) died in a crash attributed to pilot error (Ju 88 G-6, W.Nr. 621284, B4+NA). Petrick places this crash 20 km south west of Gardermoen aerodrome. Another G-6 was 30% damaged in a crash the following day but this time none of the crew was injured."

The location of this crash is correct, it went down about 1000 m from the house where I live now, in Gjerdrum. There are still people remembering the crash, they did however say that it was no doubt engine malfunction coming in. This day the plane had a completly different sound, and then it went down.

The germans cleaned up the wreck, so there is only metal parts showing up these days.
Thanks very much for that information, I'll include it the next time I update the site.
Nick Beale
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