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LRG Log In Blockage

Can any reader help with a problam that has arisen for me in the last 10 days or so?

For years I have had a valid account/membership for the LRG. I have read the member's instructions. I have always used my correct and full name for the "user name" and a valid one-word password. Nothing has changed recently, yet suddenly about 10 days ago my log in was blocked. When attempting to sign in, I get an error message on a red background reading something like "Full Name Not Known" or "No New Members Accepted." None of this makes any sense as I have signed in several times a week years without any problem for several years and scrupulously respect the site rules.

I have send two e-mails to the LRG through "Contact Us," but neither has been answered.


The LRG is a fine resource, and I have relied on it frequently. Please, can
any reader help resolve this problem?
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