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Re: 12th Bomber Group loss 22nd Sept, 1943

Alex, a couple of comments.

The last two men you list appear to have been on a different plane (or planes), I don't think they were part of what was a five man crew. The way the after the fact MACR was written is a little confusing. The first page is about the whole mission (not just the missing plane) and the casualties are for all the men on the mission. The additional pages in the MACR are just for the missing plane.

Towards the end of the MACR is a letter written to Shadwell's mother which includes the addresses of the relatives of the other 4 men on the crew.

This link has a little on Minck, which says he was the only survivor and was captured. Note this was his 30th mission (not the first, at least not for him).

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