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Re: 12th Bomber Group loss 22nd Sept, 1943

The N.S. appears in the date column for the list. The column immediately preceding it in the list is "Status". If you look at all 7 men listed you see that the first four were listed as status "K" (killed or KIA) and the date column for them is the date of death. Minck is listed as status "EUS" (evacuated to US) but the date is N.S. (meaning something like "Not Stated" or "Not Stipulated"or "Not Specified" ). (He would have returned in April/May 1945).

The final two men are status RTD, (Returned to Duty), but at a "Not Stated" date (N.S.) I suspect they returned to duty after they recovered from their wounds. The page states they were "slightly wounded" so it was probably not that long after the date of the mission. They had returned to base after the mission as their plane(s) were not shot down, so they were not POWs.
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