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Re: Need help finding some serials and codes - post war accidents in/off Norway

Those two photos are amazing! Thank you very much for filling in the blanks in this story. (Though I can't really see the 111 on the wing. I can see the large R, though)

I understand you did get access to the accident report from some governmental archives? Is it so that anyone can request information from there?
The reason I ask is I would really like to find out more about the events on the 24th of September 1957, during Exercise Strikeback. As mentioned earlier there were Three Skyrays off he Saratoga and two Trackers off Essex within hours. Would like to find out the modex for the different aircraft. This was the only operational cruise for VF-101 with Skyrays.
Edit: Yes, I did go to that linked website, but the site is very confusing. Is it at all possible for a foreigner to request information about a particular ship or operation?
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