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Re: Top ace of the calendar year

After its 71 "abschuss" with the III/JG3 on 24/04/44,I found 12 with JG300 in 1944 between 07/07/44 and 05/12/44,11 with JG300 between 27/01/45 and 21/02/45 confirmed in general by at least one witness but not confirmed by the RLM(that's another story!).
I don't think the RLM ever confirmed a victory after December 1944 (so it's always tricky to try to count Luftwaffe victories for 1945 with so much unreliable sources). That being said, we do not know in which area and with which unit Dahl supposedly flew after leaving JG 300. And for the witness, that was always the same accomplice, Walter Loos... who left Stab/JG 300 in October 1944 !
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