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Re: Focke Wulf Fw 200: The Condor at War

Originally Posted by Chris Goss View Post
Thanks Mark-most kind. It was hard work but as far as I am aware, the feedback has been that I have done the Condor some kind of justice. Next major book will be 'Knights of the Battle of Britain' due out early this year which are the bios of all 124 operational aircrew who received the RK or EL 6 April-31 Dec 40. Then, as a result of the Condor book, there will be "Dornier Do 17: The Flying Pencil at War 1939-45"......
Great to hear! I finished the Condor book last week and enjoyed it thoroughly. A Do 17 book is long over due and with you writing it, I'm sure it will be excellent. I'd love to see the BV 138 get the Classic treatment. Heck I'd even settle for the He 115 or Ar 196. Forlorn hope I know but since the series started with the HS 129 I can dream, can't I?

Keep up the great work and thanks!
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