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Re: My library - you rate it!

I'd say your alias is a pretty good indication of your interests: German armored vehicles and equipment, the SS, the Luftwaffe and aircraft in general, the German high command, the 3rd Reich, German pilots and soldiers, some naval warfare and some WW1.

It's a decent library that you've probably been building up over the past 10 years or so. It has some breadth but not much depth or focus, except maybe on the SS. You're interested in warfare and warriors in general, and the European theater of WW2 in particular. You're more interested in tactics than strategy, and battles rather than campaigns. You occasionally splurge on an expensive book, but you generally stay within your budget. You don't speak any other languages, so you stick to what's available in English. You might be an armor modeler that also dabbles in aircraft.
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