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ebay Deutschland

ebay Deutschland

A few days ago someone suggested I contact ebay about a bidder purchasing photographs for very high prices, which looks quite odd indeed. But perhaps heís just the son of some rich banker or businessman. Such people have incredible amounts of money at their disposal and donít realise its worth to other people, nor the worth of things you use to buy.

Iím afraid I canít contact ebay because of the following incident : in August 2004 ebay Deutschland informed me that I owed them a little over 5 euros and they would draw this sum from my credit card account. All this was correct and I soon forgot it but a few days later that same ebay Deutschland sent me Ė certainly in an automatic procedure Ė a new e-mail remembering me to pay the aforementioned sum and adding 7 euros as a punishment for not having paid. This email informed me that it was impossible to reply directly, which is infuriating already. They make is as difficult as possible. In order to reply I had to make a connection (and I knew already that itís QUITE COMPLICATED to send a message to ebay, I suppose they have their own, good reasons for this). For approx. 5 months I regularly got more messages of the same kind asking to payÖ over 15 euros : the sum was trebled because I was such a naughty boy! But in the meantime, about 1 month after the 2nd message, I HAD replied to ebay, explaining the situation, and I was expecting this ridiculous matter to be settled. But no, not at all : they send you wrong statements and donít even read your reply. Very professional indeed! The last messages threatened with preventing me from taking part in any ebay-activity in the future. Frankly in the case of such incompetent clowns this is the better choice for me.

I have to add that the very first time I took part in an ebay-auction, in January 2004, I won two photographs from the same seller. I sent the money, he sent me the pictures but one of them was wrong, it was not MY picture. I informed the seller several times but he never replied (he is still active at ebay now!) so I informed ebay. This time they replied : there was nothing they could do for me, it was a purely private matter between the seller and the bidder. Strange, really strange! So they CAN do something against me but they CANNOT do anything against unserious sellers who donít even answer justified complaints. This particular seller could be a crook for the wrong picture he sent to me shows a totally uninteresting wreck in Russia whereas the picture I had won was really interesting. Do this again and again and youíll earn a lot of eurosÖ

I really have a lot to do besides ebay. My time is very scarce and I simply canít afford to beg such unprofessional, unserious people please-please-pleeeeeeze to at least read my message (they donít read them anyway so begging is pointless). I feel I sent them a reply after their wrong statement, THAT really ought to be enough. I have wasted enough time and lost enough money with their antics, now itís over. There are other sources for items Iíd like to purchase.

Iím sorry this doesnít sound very friendly but I had to inform you and tell you the truth. Probably other people made similar experiences : I have nothing exceptional for ebay so these bad jokes most probably were made with some other guys. If so, please tell us!

Now Ruy is appalled at my harsh criticism, I am much too mean towards poor little ebay, itís ugly to criticize others. Well, I canít change the facts. To me ebay is unreliable and unserious, period.
PS : I'll post ebay's e-mails to me here if you so wish.
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