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Re: Website for my first book and decal sheets online!

Which part of the overall discussuion & posting you not understand? It has been perfectly public for long time there is already ongoing research on Brunnthal and the Autobahn airstrip. There have been (many) posts in (many) forums relative to this and even article in J&P. So far many people have helped. Have you? Have I not assisted you (on your project) for free? At no point have I been made aware you were in posession of any photo material from this site. Thus last night I feel very dissapointed to discover, you state, you have many photos, but at no point offered them to others research project nor alerted us (then I mean others involved, including me) of their existance. Of couse itīs your decision to keep them for your own ends and means. I have no financial stake in this project (nor am I aware of any possible financial gain, nor expect any) and all work I have done so far has been for free (and my free choise). Is it this the part you not understand? Of course its the others that are the starters of this research (its really their project so I say no more), I am only "assistant".

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