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Re: eBay: German intrest


Two photos of the same machine, an Emil of 5.(S)./LG2, with an obvious “Red O”. A Lt. is named on photo’s back (Any idea?) and date; 19 April (1941) is given too. No place.
Jochen Prien did already published two different pictures of this machine, JFV Teil 5, page 315.
His caption does refer to II.(S)/LG2 only and says place was Trikkala on 21 April.
In loss list, pages 316 & 317, we can find:
- One loss at Kozani on 19 April.
- Two losses at Trikkala on 22 April.
… But none on 21 April as cited above.
Bruch rate concerning the three given losses aren’t that different of what we can see on four pictures, so it’s amazing the said 21 April accident isn’t reported … But, after all, one will say “normal Luftwaffe report behavior, as usual”.

Concerning place Jochen wrote: Kozani .04.41 to .04.41 and Trikkala .04.41 to 30.04.41. Not very helpful.
But, from same seller, same batch (photo-album?) we can find the following …


… where Kozani is clearly mentioned on 17 April 1941.


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