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Re: ww2 crash cases exhibiton in Dubrovnik

MACR 6378 is for B-24 42-99754 "Nancy Lee" from the 451st BG 725th BS. Lost on July 3 , 1944. The pilot was James F Evarts, Jr. The MACR lists a crew of ten. Two men from the crew "evaded", S/Sgt Henry A Ulmer and Sgt Robert Fersht. The rest of the crew were sent to German POW camps.

Evarts' statement is that flak knocked out two engines over the target (Bucharest) and he flew the plane back 300 miles when the third engine quit over/near Dubrovnik. At that point the crew bailed out. The MACR contains a translated German document, ME 1757? or (1737? or 1787?) which says the plane crashed at Dubrovnik.

Information on Fersht is a little confusing. Here is his obit which says he was a POW.

The MACR has an "evader" statement from Fersht, dated 14 November 1944, in which he states that Ulmer had returned (to Italy) with him. Was he captured and then escaped? Was he injured and captured, then repatriated? It is not exactly clear. He does have a POW record here which mentions a hospital in Croatia:

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