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Re: Staka 6.(F)/Aufkl.Gr. 123?

Interesting, Nick, interesting............the Staffel's chronic low to non-existent serviceability correlates with ADI(K) 160/44 in which the P/W goes on about the rarity of an operational mission for Aufkl.St. 6.(F)/123 due to the aircraft being deadlined all the time so Ln. personnel from Köthen could install and repair special radio intercept and jamming equipment in them.

Thanks for the additional details, which once again show how much ULTRA traffic there was that never made it into the 50,000 signals that were selected by Hut 3 to forward to the Allied commands in the field. It makes some of us from the left side of the pond wish we were U.K.ers so we could access these more recent HW groupings that began opening around 1995/1996 or so!

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