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Re: Spitfire MkIA from 610th Sqn. RAF

Well Alex

Most of my sources have R6595 assigned to 610 Sq (Halley/Air Britain R1000-R9999 booklet and Franks RAF Fighter Command Losses).

One source which does not is Morgan/Shacklady Spitfire The History.
As far as I understand the internet Spitfire site is mostly a copy of their book, probably also updated with the second version of said book (I only have the first)

In the past I have found that Morgan/Shacklady differs from Halley at some points, possibly because the record cards are hard to read. I also find both the Spitfire site and Spitfire the History hard to read due to the enourmous amount of short forms/abbreviations.

BTW what is actually VAEA (Morgan/Shacklady says VEA in their book)??
No explanation in the book, since only VA is listed and stands for Vickers-Armstrong.

Sorry to say I don't know what you mean with 610 Sq list, so I cannot comment that....

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