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Small correction to the last tekst.

Ref: P.77. Text Stuka operators. Ju 87 was sold to: Hungary (about 70), Italy (about 150), Rumania, (about 170), Bulgaria, Slovakia and the last one was used by Russian ROA unit. Croatia never did use any Ju 87 (they had of course had the Stukas but there was not Ju 87 but Fieschler Fi 167 dive bomber – first planed to used on the carrier Graf Zepellin).
On the photos of Hungarian Ju 87 Doras is a photo from 1943 exactly presenting the formation from 2/2 Zubo Szazad – (had on the beginning 11 Ju 87 Dora-3 + 1 Dora-5) in combat flight. There was the first Hungarian combat dive bomber units which operated on the Eastern Front (V-VIII 1943). It has never happed that during combat action any dive-bomber unit did use a mixture of Antons, Bertas, Doras. So on the presented photos flying only Doras and in the middle is not any Berta - (fault probably is coming from Peter C. Smith book about Ju 87 p. 129. I have never heard of using in any RAF’s squadron a Spitifre Mk 1 and Mk V (or Hurricane I and II) in the same time in any combat unit over the front. Hungarian did use Antosn and Bertas only for training but never in combat.

In my last post I have made en error. There is in fact on a photo in Aeroplane 2/05 p. 77 a flight of Ju 87s were among Ju 87 Dora-5 is flying a single Ju 87 Berta (-1 or -2). This photo was done during the training of the second tour of Hungarian Stuka pilot done in May 1944 in Hungary (Kolozsvar). Hungarian had received 12 new Dora-5 (code B.701-B.712) in May 1944 and began to train on Stukas. This flying formation is from 102/2 zb squadron and was send on the Eastern Front in June 1944 and went into battle since 30 June up to the end of July 1944 with III/St. G 77. Hungarian fought over south east part of Poland. On the front there were no Bertas and Antons in Hungarian Stuka unit, which were used only for training in Hungary (among Stukas were old one with no B.601, B.605, B.606 +others). Sorry for this errors which have raised from wrong reading the description of very similar photos (“among Doras is flying a Ju 87 with the code B.6+41” - which is form first tour of Hungarian crew fight on the Ukraine in 1943 in 2/2 zubo squadron since August to October 1943). Hungarian did not have chance to fly in combat a mix version of Bertas, Doras, but they did it during the training at homeland which is seen on photos.

Sorry for this confusion.

Mirek Wawrzyński
Mirek Wawrzyński
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